About Us

Dialaradio.co.uk is one of the UK's first, if not only, telephone accessible radio streaming service.

The concept was born out of a frustration from not being able to access a D.A.B radio station.
After years of development, planning and investment we bring our unique service to you.
Simply listen to any streaming radio station from around the world through your phone.
We allow our service to be used completely free of charge and if your telephone service provider, allows you access to landline minutes, as part of your calling package, the call charge is also in effect free !
So enjoy our service and spread the word about Dialaradio.co.uk

What does this mean ?
Simply find the unique telephone number which is assigned to your chosen radio station and call that number from any telephone, such as your mobile and or fixed line telephone.
When you dial the number, you are instantly connected, to a live feed of that radio station, which is being played through your phone, it is that simple.

How is this possible?
Well in addition to a radio station broadcasting on their normal frequencies such as D.A.B, F.M, A.M, L.W.
The majority also broadcast a simultaneous feed online, to the Internet.
This is known as a radio stream and is accessible from the Internet, usually through the radio stations website.
It is this feed we capture and provide to you through your telephone.

Our service is useful if you :-


  • Do not have a D.A.B radio
  • Do not have a traditional radio set
  • Located in a poor signal area for D.A.B, F.M, A.M, L.W
  • Located in a poor signal area for 3G / 4G mobile data connectivity
  • Do not have a smartphone
  • Do not wish to use or download an App onto your phone
  • Want to listen to stations from around the world
  • Your favourite radio station only broadcasts online
  • Your favourite radio station only broadcasts to a certain geographic area


The technology ?
Dialaradio.co.uk uses the latest technology to be able to deliver our service, from bespoke made software, to the latest call handling capabilities.
We have our own dedicated servers and our core network enables us to be used by tens of thousands of users simultaneously.
We have a dedicated tech team which constantly monitor and manage our service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.